CeledyDraw 2 Product Overview

    CeledyDraw 2 is Powerful, Easy-to-Use and Affordable 2-in-1 Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Software that anybody can use to create attractive, professional looking works in minutes. CeledyDraw 2 is tailored to non-professionals who require powerful graphics and publishing software, and is ideal for use in homes, schools, and small-businesses.

    Armed with a complete set of powerful vector graphic and publishing features found only in expensive, high-end products, CeledyDraw 2 provides a clean, intuitive interface without sacrificing creative power.

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    CeledyDraw 2 is Perfect for Designing:

    • Logos and Web Graphics
    • Flyers and Signs
    • Newsletters and Magazines
    • Catalogs and Brochures
    • Labels and Signs
    • Greeting Cards and Postcards
    • Business Cards and Stationaries
    • Presentations and School Projects
    • Flowcharts and Diagrams
    • Floorplans and Schematics
    • Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Home Office Documents

      And Much More...

    Powerful Illustration Tools:

    Graphic Design Software Sample - Horse
    Using the powerful Freeform, Bezier Curve, and Polygon drawing tools, users can quickly and easily create attractive vector curves of any shape to create attractive logos and artwork. More Information...

    Make use of vector graphic operations such as Trim, Weld, Intersect, and Node-Editing quickly forge complicated shapes from basic shapes. More Information...
    Graphic Design Software Sample - Heart

    Desktop Graphics Software Sample - Car
    Utilize professional features and special effects such as Contour, Blend, and Multi-color gradients to create stunning complex artwork. More Information...

    Add flair to your documents by including your own unique Artistic Text. After that, add gorgeous special effects, or even place your Artistic Text along a path! More Information... Desktop Graphics Software Sample - Artistic Text

    Graphic Design Software Sample - Flowchart
    Quickly create attractive flowcharts and diagrams through the use of Autoshapes, Textboxes, and Align and Distribute. More Information...

    Navigate and insert any of 6900 fun and attractive Vector Symbols in over 100 different categories through the thumbnail-driven Symbol Gallery. More Information...
    Desktop Publishing Software Sample - Symbols

    Desktop Graphics Software Sample - Export
    Desktop Graphics Software Sample - Export
    Graphic Design Software Sample - Export
    Export your completed artwork in all popular formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, and PDF. More Information...
    Graphic Design Software Sample - Export
    Graphic Design Software Sample - Export
    Graphic Design Software Sample - Export

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    Professional Desktop Publishing Features:

    Desktop Publishing Sample - Text Frames
    Type or import into frames of any shape, and effortlessly flow text between linked text frames. More Information...

    Conveniently wrap text around objects of any shape, and watch as the text automatically adjusts itself as the object is moved, resized, or re-shaped. More Information...
    Desktop Publishing Sample - Text Wrapping

    Desktop Publishing Sample - Master Pages
    Quickly design and apply simple templates to any pages in the document with Master Pages. More Information...

    Effortlessly update all the text formatting in a document with a few clicks, to easily update and experiment with the document's look and feel. More Information...
    Desktop Publishing Sample - Styles

    Enjoy professional-grade Typesetting control over Leading, Tracking, Baseline Shift, and Kerning. More Information...

    Export your completed publications in Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, and PDF file formats for easy file-sharing and commercial printing. More Information...
    Desktop Publishing Sample - Adobe Illustrator (AI) Export
    Desktop Publishing Sample - EPS Export
    Desktop Publishing Sample - PDF Export

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