CeledyDraw 2 Reviews

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CG BEST Buy Award in Desktop Publishing Software [ Read the Review ]


"CeledyDraw is easy-to-use and an affordable under $100 option for those who want both page layout and graphics abilities in a single package. Excellent choice for home and small business users and high school students and teachers. " -Nov 2006 [ Read the Review ]


"Can Windows users in the design field exist without Adobe Illustrator? Maybe not... probably not. However, can most Windows users exist without Adobe Illustrator? Well, before CeledyDraw we probably would have said no ... but, today Celedy Software brings a low-cost, robust, alternative that can probably fulfill the needs of all but the most advanced professionals. " [ Read the Review ]

Cariboo Computing Magazine

"As a graphics program and a desktop publisher in one, CeledyDraw 2 is worth its low price and then some. I would certainly recommend it highly as a program for everyone's computer." - December '05 [ Read the Review ]


"The program itself is awesome and simple to use thus making it easy for beginners and more than powerful enough for professionals... Major effort has been placed in making the CeledyDraw 2 interface as simple and intuitive as possible." - December 05 [ Read the Review ]

Computer Power User

"CeledyDraw is a solid app for personal and small-business uses, and its low cost and combination of desktop publishing and drawing tools make it appealing. " - June 2006 [ Read the Review ]

Computer Shopper

"If you've used a drawing package before, you'll find CeledyDraw quick to learn. Most of the features are accessible from the desktop without the interface commanding much screen space, resulting in a rich and uncluttered user landscape. CeledyDraw is button-centric, with five sets distributed around the central work area. Two toolbars on the top provide access to text and document functions. Like the interface, the tools are straightforward and simple to use." -June 2006 [ Read the Review ]

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