Exciting New Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Features

CeledyDraw 2 comes with many powerful new features that make designing professional-looking illustrations and publications easier than ever!

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System Requirements

PDF, Adobe Illustrator and EPS Export Formats
All CeledyDraw 2 documents can be exported in PDF, Adobe Illustrator and EPS formats for easy file-sharing and commercial printing. Users also have the option of exporting text as curves to perfectly preserve the layout of their printed projects.
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Powerful Vector Illustration Tools
Create attractive logos and artwork with vector illustration tools like the bezier curve drawing tool, autoshapes, node-editing and vector operations such as trim, weld, and intersect.
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Gorgeous Special Effects
Create stunning complex artwork with special effects like blend, contour, and multicolor gradients .
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Innovative New Vector Symbol Gallery
The new built-in Symbol Gallery eliminates the need for users to spend time searching for or creating their own custom graphics. Quickly browse 6900 fun and attractive vector symbols and simply click to place them into your publications. Symbols can be resized, filled with textures and multicolor gradients, and even have special effects applied!
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Template Gallery
The Template Gallery gives users instant access to hundreds of professional templates in popular categories such as flowcharts, diagrams, flyers, brochures, business cards, and greeting cards.
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Professional Typesetting
CeledyDraw 2 gives users professional typesetting control over text leading, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, and superscript/subscript.
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Linked Text Frames of Any Shape
Users can create linked text frames of any shape and easily flow text from frame to frame and page to page with easy-to-use linking tools.
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Text and Paragraph Styles give users the ability to create and modify the entire look and feel of a document in just a few clicks!
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Master Pages
For publications such as Newspapers, Newsletters and Catalogues users can easily create and switch between multiple page-templates, easily controlling the appearance of watermarks, page numbers, page headers, and much more.
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