Graphic Design Feature - Sophistocated Tools for Drawing Vector Graphics

Freehand Drawing Tool:

The Freehand tool is a great way for users to quickly and conveniently draw anything that comes to mind. Compatible with both the mouse and stylus pen, the Freehand tool is both powerful and simple to use. CeledyDraw 2 also offers 10 levels of smoothing for all Freehand curves, to give drawings a finer appearance.

Illustration Program Tools - Freeform

Bezier Curve Tool:

The Bezier Curve tool is excellent for users to draw attractive curved objects, without having to exercise precise control over the mouse. Users simply set points and modify the curves connecting these points to create any shape imaginable.

Illustration Program Tools - Bezier

Polygon Tool:

Finally, the Polygon tool is ideal for users who need to draw shapes consisting of straight edges. Perfect for schematic drawings and diagrams, users can now easily draw objects with straight edges simply by laying down a series of points. For extra precision, users can use the snap to background grid option for added accuracy.

Illustration Program Tools - Polygon

CeledyDraw 2 allows users to switch between the 3 tools when working on a shape, and also gives users the ability to undo Polygon and Bezier Curve drawings segment-by-segment, resulting in an unlimited amount of creative power and flexibility when drawing curves.

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