Welcome to the CeledyDraw 2 Tutorial Section

The tutorials provided are designed to be accessible to users who have never touched Graphic Design or Desktop Publishing Software before. Skills such as selecting and moving objects are taught in the basic tutorials.

As users learn more and more skills they will be able to complete the more advanced tutorials that involve creating attractive artwork such as the Butterfly pictured below:

Prerequisites are listed for each tutorial, although experienced (or brave) users should be able to skip to any tutorial on this page. To begin working through the tutorials please download the CeledyDraw 2 Trial Version here.

Basic Tutorials:

Drawing Autoshapes
Selecting Objects
Moving Objects
Resizing Objects
Duplicating Objects

Graphic Design Feature Tutorials:

Inserting Symbols
Applying Solid Fills
Applying Outlines
Applying Multicolor Gradient Fills
Creating Artistic Text
Using the Perspective Effect
The Intersect Operation
The Break Apart Operation

Desktop Publishing Feature Tutorials:

Opening Templates
Creating Text Frames
Linking Text Frames
Creating Text Boxes